Group Sound Relaxation Therapy Training Course

Professional Diploma

Group Sound Relaxation Therapy (Professional Diploma)

This course is perfect for anyone wanting to give soundbaths and/or gongbaths to groups. During the course we will be working with Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls and gong as well as the 5Rs process to help with deeper self-re ection and mindfulness. Once qualified, you will be able to delivery sound relaxation classes to groups only.

The Course More In Depth

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    No previous experience needed

    Anyone can join this course, from beginners to advanced.

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    1 x 4 day intensive non-residential module

    You attend university for one, 4 day intensive for this course.

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    Easy to use online learning zone

    Do all your coursework online and study at home

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    Case studies to boost confidence

    You will be marked on 9 case studies using support from the learning zone.

BAST Learning Zone

The BAST Learning Zone is a fun and easy to use interactive online learning platform that enables you to deepen your learning as you journey further into the wonderful world of therapeutic sound.  Before the 5 day intensive module starts you will be enrolled onto a pre-course online module introducing some of the key concepts we will be working with on the course. After the 5 day intensive there will be more information including fun and interactive quizzes, videos, articles and research, all designed to support and enrich your personal learning journey.

This course begins on 17th May 2018

Day 1 – Himalayan Singing Bowls and Therapeutic Percussion Sequence

Playing techniques for the Himalayan singing bowls and how to apply in a soundbath setting. Giving a soundbath with the Himalayan singing bowls and how to incorporate the therapeutic percussion sequence.

Day 2 – Gongbaths – All about the Gong

How to write a ‘gongscore’ (a composition for your gong session), different playing techniques, how to give a gongbath and the therapeutic percussion sequence to go with gongbaths.

Day 3 – The Crystal Singing Bowls

We will learn that there is nothing sonically quite like the crystal bowls. We will explore the use and application of music intervals and discover that, according to research, each interval affects mind, body and emotions in different ways.

Day 4 – Putting It All Together

Today we will fine tune our techniques and give sound and gongbaths with different combinations of instruments, comparing and contrasting the different techniques.

Home Study and Coursework 

Following the 4 day block release, you will complete 9 case studies and use the online learning zone to access your coursework materials. You will immerse yourself in therapeutic sound through interactive exercises on the Learning Zone as well as practical exercises with your instruments. There is also further information including articles, videos and quizzes.


At the end of your case study period you are required to submit your portfolio of 9 sessions for assessment. You will also be required to video 1 of each type of session (gongbath, soundbath) and submit on a USB stick along with your portfolio.

On successful completion of this course you will be awarded a Professional Diploma in Sound Relaxation Therapy. You can achieve a ‘pass’, ‘merit’ or ‘distinction’ in this qualification.


Earlybird Fee: £765.00
Full Course Fee: £888.00

To qualify for the earlybird price you must enrol before 16th February 2018. After that, the full fee applies.

We can offer you a payment plan on request.

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