Holistic Voice Therapy Training

Practitioner Level Diploma

Holistic Voice Therapy Training (Practitioner Level Diploma)

This course is one of the most in-depth holistic voice therapy training courses that exists to date and comprises both active and passive elements. In a passive treatment the practitioner uses specific vocal techniques called ‘toning’ and ‘overtoning’ to affect the brain and nervous system, producing a therapeutic effect for the mind, body and emotions. The active method uses 21 different exercises incorporating movement, breath-work and visualisation. We also use a method of self-reflection and self-enquiry known as ‘The 5Rs’ which helps us to understand the impact that our symptoms and/or life situation is having on us and empowers us to move forward in a life-affirming and positive way.

We draw on the latest developments in sound cognition, music psychology and medical ethno-musicology to inform our work as well as our own research and development spanning 22 years. Singing has been shown to increase salivary Immunoglobulin A – one of the body’s primary defence mechanisms, for example.(1) Although this is a 1-2-1 therapy course you are able to apply the techniques learned to groups as well, enabling you to work in a deep and potentially transformative way with a wide range health conditions.

The Course More In Depth

Man Singing at Holistic Voice Therapy Course

Fundamental Module

Before the first 5 day intensive starts your learning will begin as we introduce some of the key concepts we will be working with on the course through the BAST Learning Zone, our easy to use interactive online platform.

Module 1 – 3 Day Intensive

23rd March 2018 – 25th March 2018

This intensive is a wonderful exploration into using the voice as a therapeutic tool. We will explore how to release and develop the voice for professional therapeutic voice-work. Voice-baths and experiential voice work will enhance this process. Learn how to develop and free the voice, control the breath and align the posture for optimum voice production. We will explore the psychology of therapeutic voice work and practise a valuable self-diagnostic tool known as ‘The 5Rs’. We will also learn how to use pitch, tone and harmonic singing known as overtoning for therapeutic effect.

Learning Pod and Coursework

Following module 1 of Voice Therapy Training a Learning Pod containing instructional videos, articles, research, coursework, experiential exercises and course notes will be available on the BAST Learning Zone – our interactive online learning platform. This enables you to explore Holistic Voice Therapy and the 22 different ‘Vocal Processing Techniques’ develop your voice and study therapeutic voice work in the comfort of your home and at your convenience (within deadlines set).

Module 2 – 4 Day Intensive

21st June 2018 – 24th June 2018

Our work comes alive with in-class practical sessions plus a deepening of the 22 Vocal Processing Techniques. These powerful techniques encourage the expression and movement of imbalances held on the mental, emotional, physical levels of being. In-depth enquiry and diagnosis methods will also be explored.

Webinar Programme

The course continues with 5 bi-monthly webinars lasting approximately 1.5 hours (depending on the material to be covered). The aim of these webinars is to support you through your case study period as well as offer support regarding building a successful business.

Practical Assessment

At the end of the case study period you will be required to submit a video showing a practical session for assessment.


Earlybird Fee – £1339.00
Full Course Fee – £1472.00

To qualify for the earlybird fee, enrol before 19th January 2018. After that, full fees apply.

A payment plan is available on request.

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