The Arts For Health & Wellbeing

Sound and Voice Arts for Health and Wellbeing

In 2014 NHS England published the ‘Five Year Forward View’ which addressed the growing need for interventions that prevent health conditions from manifesting and/or worsening in the longer term. The Cultural Commissioning Programme (CCP) identified great potential for the arts to be such an intervention.

An All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Arts, Health and Wellbeing was formed in 2014 to help raise awareness of the improvements that the arts can bring to health and wellbeing. In 2017, following years of research and investigation, a report was created that presented the benefits. Lyz Cooper is a member of many of the partner organisations involved in the APPG and she is dedicated to developing courses that train people to meet the growing need for ‘the arts on prescription’

As well as growth in the therapeutic sound field, there has been increasing interest in the arts for health and wellbeing – Until now, we have run courses that combine arts and therapy but due to the increasing demand for both pathways, in 2019 we are separating the arts and therapy pathways. This is very exciting because it gives anyone wanting to work with either arts or therapy a much richer experience, and if you want to do both pathways you will be awarded with a Higher or Advanced Diploma.

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