Student Review on Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy Course

Written by Joanna Bates My PLD journey began at the worst time imaginable – maybe… Within days of committing to the Practitioner Level Diploma Course in Sound Therapy for 2020 (monetarily and psychologically) along with a good many other students in several countries around the globe – the world seemed to stop in its tracks. February 2020 was exactly the …

Sound Affects

Have you ever been moved to tears or had goosebumps or chills when listening to your favourite track? Do you find high pitched sounds such as alarms or nails down a blackboard really intrusive or even annoying? Have you ever wondered why this is? The way we respond to sound and music is down to the way we have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years.

The Healing Power of Your Voice

The power of the human voice never ceases to amaze me. Not only does it enable us to communicate, to tell great stories, to share our problems and our successes but it also helps boost our immune system – more of this later in this post.  My first experience of the power of therapeutic sound was using the voice.  I …

28th February – 1st March – Module 2 – Rhythm Group Facilitation

Module 2 – Rhythm Group Facilitation – Express your story in a rhythmscape offering an outlet for communication beyond words, explore the application of rhythm in a therapeutic context and the use of rhythm games to develop social skills, communication, expression, team building, conflict resolution and group interaction.

28th & 29th march – Module 3 – Soundscapes & Sonic Art

Module 3 – Soundscapes, Interactive Sessions, Sonic Art – Explore how to use sound as a dynamic ‘healthy art’ form. Soundscape sessions are interactive, dynamic and fun, encouraging communication, collaboration and artistic and emotional expression. This module is a perfect way to combine sound with other visual and written art-forms such as poetry, creative writing, photography, sculpture and so on.

18th & 19th April – Module 4 – Narrative Soundscapes

Module 4 – Working with Unhelpful Narrative – How many of us go through life with unhelpful beliefs that hold us back? This module offers a powerful way to question these beliefs and offers an outlet for expression beyond words. As a result the unhelpful story can lose its power and a new potential way of being can be explored using …