Group Sound Relaxation Therapy Training

Professional Diploma

Group Sound Relaxation Therapy Training (Professional Diploma)

This course is perfect for anyone wanting to give soundbaths and/ or gongbaths to groups. During the course we will be working with Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls and gong as well as the 5Rs process to help with deeper self-reflection and mindfulness. This qualification enables to you work with groups only in a deep and potentially transformational way using both sound and reflection.

This course is particularly suited to anyone dipping into therapeutic sound for the first time.

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    No previous experience needed

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    1 x 4 day non-residential module

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    Easy to use online learning platform

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    Case study 'test' sessions

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    Video recordings & further study materials

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    Recorded learning sessions for case study period

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    Supported by on-going scientific research

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    University of Chichester Bognor Regis Campus, Upper Bognor Rd, Bognor Regis, PO21 1HR

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    23rd April – 26th April 2020

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    Earlybird Discount Price £860
    Earlybird Ends 31st Jan 2020

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    Dip. GSRT (BAST)

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    Group Course

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Full Course Details In Depth

The intensive module will run 23rd April – 26th April 2020.

Day 1 – Himalayan Singing Bowls and Therapeutic Percussion Sequence

Playing techniques for the Himalayan singing bowls and how to apply in a soundbath setting. Giving a soundbath with the Himalayan singing bowls and how to incorporate the therapeutic percussion sequence.

Day 2 – Gongbaths – All about the gong.

How to write a ‘gongscore’ (a composition for your gong session), different playing techniques, how to give a gongbath and the therapeutic percussion sequence to go with gongbaths.

Day 3 – The Crystal Singing Bowls

We will learn that there is nothing sonically quite like the crystal bowls. We will explore the use and application of music intervals and discover that, according to research, each interval affects mind, body and emotions in different ways.

Day 4 – Putting it all together

Today we will fine tune our techniques and give sound and gongbaths with different combinations of instruments, comparing and contrasting the different techniques.

Coursework & Home-Study
27th April – 20th July 2020

Develop your skills and immerse yourself in therapeutic sound-work through the online Learning Zone. Coursework is estimated to take between 2 – 3 hours a week.

Case Studies and Webinars
1st August 2020 for 6 – 9 months

Put everything you have learned into practice over a 6 – 9 month case study period. You will receive lesson plans, support and webinars to help you through this rewarding part of your learning journey. Submit a copy of your finished portfolio to us along with a video of one soundbath or gongbath session on a USB stick for final assessment by the deadline.


Earlybird Fee: £860

Full Course Fee: £985

To Qualify For The Earlybird Price, Enrol Before 31st January 2020. After this, full fees apply.

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