Group Sound & Movement Therapy Training

Professional Diploma

Group Sound & Movement Therapy Training (Professional Diploma)

A Sound and Movement Therapist uses Gong, Drum and Crystal bowls to hold a space where people can explore themselves through gentle spontaneous and intuitive movement.

Specific playing sequences allow participants to deepen their relationship with themselves and in doing so, gain greater understanding, facilitate release and flow on mental, emotional and physical levels.

Sound and Movement Therapy is perfect for grounding, centering and attaining a deeper understanding of ‘self’ and your relationship to the ‘other’ in your life. Some specific physical movements will also be given to help focus the sessions further.

Course Contents

  • Exploring the current research in sound and movement therapy and therapeutic sound
  • The neuroscience and psychology of sound
  • Introducing the BAST Method of Sound and Movement Therapy
  • Group dynamics – ‘the hats we wear’ and how to hold and facilitate a transformative and therapeutic space
  • Reflective practice – the 5Rs method of experiential processing – a way to understand ourselves more deeply
  • Explore different types of sound and movement therapy sessions
  • Understanding your instruments in more depth – how they move you mentally, emotionally and physically
  • How to apply the instruments in a session
  • Musicality, dynamic, ebb and flow – how to make a session ‘live’
  • ‘The Rhythm of Life’ – different rhythm and movements to create balance and flow
  • Stillness – creating time and space for stillness and silence in a session
  • Creating a gong score – a composition specifically for SAMT sessions
  • Crystal sound – how intervals and the crystal bowls work in a session
  • Body awareness, mindfulness and inner listening
  • Specific movements to focus and deepen the therapeutic effect

  • Work With

    Groups Only

  • Where?

    A blend of home study & 1 class-room based module held at the University of Chichester Bognor Regis Campus, Upper Bognor Rd, Bognor Regis, PO21 1HR. A full distance learning option of this course is available, see our prospectus for more information.

  • When?

    Course starts 20th April 2022

  • Course Fees

    £946 – Earlybird Course Fee – Ends 31st Dec 21
    £1040 – Full Course Fee
    Instalment Plan Available

  • Qualification

    Dip.GSAT (BAST)

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Course Modules & Timeline
Blended Learning Option

Equipment Webinar – From February 2022

  • This is pre-recorded and can be viewed any time after February 2022
  • Videos and presentations introduce the instruments to you
  • Good quality professional standard instruments can be hand selected for you and sent to your home via our trusted suppliers

    Foundation Module – From March 2022

    • You can complete this at any time before the virtual classroom
    • Quizzes and interactive exercises help you check your understanding and deepen your knowledge

    Virtual Classroom 1 – 20th April – 22nd April 2022

    • Unpack the BAST Method of Sound and Movement Therapy in more depth in the comfort of your home
    • Take part in experiential exercises and small group sessions
    • Understand more about the transformative nature of the instruments
    • The psychology of sound and the playing techniques
    • Discuss therapeutic application in more depth
    • Explore current research in sound psychology and neuroscience to support how and why therapeutic sound and movement can be so effective at improving health and wellbeing

    Coursework & Home Study – 23rd April for 12 – 14 weeks

    • Embark on a wonderful journey with your instruments
    • Articles, quizzes, coursework exercises and training videos deepen your learning
    • Coursework is estimated to take between 2 – 3 hours a week
    • Practise different types of session and explore the therapeutic potential of the techniques
    • Prepare for the in-class intensive by practising with your instruments

    Virtual Classroom 2 – Tutorial – 20th May 2022

    • During this session we will check all is well with your coursework and answer any questions you may have
    • We will check playing techniques
    • Have a valuable Q&A session with your tutors

    In-class Intensive – 16th – 17th July 2022

    • Put together what you’ve learned with your peers
    • Get in-class support from the tutor team
    • Gain confidence and experience with your instruments
    • Give and receive SAMT sessions in small groups

    Day 1: 9.30am – 6.30pm
    Day 2: 9.30am – 6pm

    Case Studies & Research Project

    • Take 6 – 9 months to complete your case studies
    • Gain valuable experience whilst being supported by BAST
    • Choose a subject to research in more depth with your peer group. Past research groups have explored chronic pain, anxiety and mood state for example. Use your findings to further your work/business and create opportunities

    Virtual Classroom 3 – Tutorial – 4th November 2022

    • Check in with your peers and tutors
    • Have a valuable Q & A session
    • Discuss research and ongoing business/professional development


    On successful completion of this course you will be awarded a Professional Diploma in Group Sound And Movement Therapy

    You can achieve a ‘pass’, ‘merit’ or ‘distinction’


    Earlybird Course Fee: £946 – You must enrol before 31st December 2021 to qualify for this discount.

    Full Course Fee: £1040

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