Group Sound Therapy Training

Professional Diploma

Group Sound Therapy Training (Professional Diploma)

The Group Sound Therapy course is our most popular course. It appeals to teachers, health-workers, occupational therapists, holistic health therapists and anyone wanting to use therapeutic sound in a group. It is packed full of techniques to enable you to build an exciting and diverse portfolio of group sound work sessions. This course enables you deliver a diverse range of therapeutic sound interventions, rhythm sessions and cutting edge sonic artistry!

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    No previous experience needed

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    1 x 5 day non-residential module

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    Easy to use online learning platform

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    Case study 'test' sessions

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    Video recordings & further study materials

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    Recorded learning sessions for case study period

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    Most comprehensive Group Sound Therapy training course available

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    Supported by on-going scientific research

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Full Course Details In Depth

BAST Learning Zone

The BAST Learning Zone is a fun and easy to use interactive online learning platform that enables you to deepen your learning as you journey further into the wonderful world of therapeutic sound. One month before the in-class 5 day module you will be introduced to ‘Fundamental’ the first online part of the course, introducing some of the key concepts we will be working with on the course. After the 5 day module you will be guided through a series of personal exercises with the instruments and techniques taught on the course (allow approximately 2 hours a week for personal study). There will also be access to FAQ’s, recordings, videos, articles and other information to support your studies.

The intensive module will run 7th November 2018 – 11th November 2018.

Day 1 – Introduction to the Course, Soundbaths and Relaxation Sessions
Our method of sound therapy is based on 1) facilitating a deep state of relaxation which helps improve health and well being (achieved by using specific techniques and combinations of instruments), and 2) a reflective technique combining gentle self-questioning and inner listening.

During the first day we will explore the method in more depth, experience a therapeutic sound bath and discuss relevant research to support the method. We will learn how to play the instruments and practice specific techniques to encourage maximum relaxation.

Day 2 – Gong Baths and Soundbaths Continued
In the morning we will explore the gong, different types of gong and gong playing techniques. In the afternoon we will practice the sound bath and gong bath technique.

Day 3 – Drum and Rhythm Groups and ‘Rhythm of Life’ Sessions
Express your story in a rhythm-scape offering an outlet for communication beyond words, explore the application of rhythm in a therapeutic context and the use of rhythm games to develop social skills, communication, expression, team building and group interaction.

Day 4 – Soundscapes, Interactive Sessions, Sonic Art
Explore how to use sound as a ‘healthy’ art-form. Soundscape sessions are interactive, dynamic and fun, encouraging communication, collaboration and artistic and emotional expression. Soundscapes and sonic art sessions offer much inspiration and many ways for anyone wanting to combine sound with other visual and written art-forms such as poetry, creative writing, photography, sculpture and so on.

Day 5 – Working with Unhelpful Narrative
How many of us go through life with unhelpful beliefs that hold us back? Narrative soundscapes offer a powerful way to question these beliefs and provide a vehicle for expression beyond words. As a result the unhelpful story can lose its power and a new potential way of being can be explored using sound. This method has produced life-changing results and takes sound-work to a new and exciting level.

Case Study Support
The course continues with 4 x 1 hour bi-monthly recorded sessions to support students through their case-study groups, as well as delivering templates and further information on how to run successful and transformational groups.


Earlybird Fee: £1065.00

Full Course Fee: £1171.00

To Qualify For The Earlybird Price, Enrol Before 30th August 2018. After this, full fees apply.

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