Group Voice Arts Therapy Training

Professional Diploma

Group Voice Arts Therapy Training (Professional Diploma)

The voice-arts therapy course offers a range of different participative activities that use the voice as a therapeutic and transformative art-form.

There is a growing understanding of the positive impact that arts-based therapeutic sessions can have on health and wellbeing. There is also a growing body of research on the benefits of voicework and vocalising. By supplementing medicine and care, voice-arts can improve the health of people who experience a range of different mental or physical health challenges. Creative voice-arts approaches can also be used in education and art-installations, community projects and more!

Participants may work on a beautiful piece of voice art for a project, workshop or performance or to understand and work through a difficult time in their life such as grief or a life transition for example.

A voice-arts therapist facilitates the session with a particular set of therapeutic and/or educational outcomes in mind. The group could be developing communication skills or improving mood state or memory, reducing anxiety or promoting relaxation to name a few.

It is now easier than ever to take a Higher Level Diploma in Sound and Voice-arts Therapy as the in-class intensive is held on the same weekend.

A distance learning option is available for this course, please request our prospectus for more information.

This course is particularly beneficial for people working in (or wanting to work in) the following areas:

  • Education

  • The arts/drama

  • Mental health

  • Health Humanities

  • Complementary and mainstream healthcare

  • Personal development and self help

  • Spiritual health and development

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Sonic art/art installations

  • Community Arts or Health Projects

  • Work With

    Groups Only

  • Where?

    A blend of home study & 1 class-room based module held at University of Chichester Bognor Regis Campus, Upper Bognor Rd, Bognor Regis, PO21 1HR. A distance learning option is also available.

  • When?

    2023 Course Dates TBC

  • Course Fees

    £1029 Full Course Fee TBC
    Instalment Plan Available

  • Qualification

    Dip.GVAT (BAST)

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Course Contents

  • Explore the current research in the ‘arts for health’ field
  • The neuroscience and psychology of therapeutic voice-work and improvisation
  • Introducing the BAST Method of Voice-arts Therapy
  • Group dynamics – ‘the hats we wear’ and how to hold and facilitate a transformative and therapeutic space
  • Reflective practice – the 7Rs method of experiential processing – a way to understand ourselves more deeply
  • Explore different types of voice-scape and the psychology of voice-scaping
  • The therapeutic benefits of improvisation
  • How to choose the right voice-scape for an intended therapeutic outcome
  • Community research project – taking your work into the community to further the body of research
  • The therapeutic potential of the voice
  • Exercises to develop the voice and uncover hidden vocal potential using fun, creative and interactive games and exercises
  • Tone Poems are a modern-day representation of the ancient practice of sharing language – we will discuss the therapeutic application of tone poems
  • The graphic score as a creative process – where art and voice collide in a dynamic and creative way!
  • Discover the important role that the ‘shape’ of a composition plays in affecting mind, body and emotions and for different therapeutic outcomes
  • Develop your skills and immerse yourself in therapeutic voice-work

Foundation Module

  • An online course to take before the virtual classroom
  • Explore current research in the arts for health field, sound psychology and neuroscience to support how and why the voice can be so effective at improving health and wellbeing
  • Quizzes and interactive exercises help you check your understanding and deepen your knowledge

Virtual Classroom 1

  • Unpack the BAST Method of Voice-arts Therapy in more depth in the comfort of your home
  • Take part in experiential exercises and small group sessions
  • Put a tone poem together in small group sessions
  • Understand more about the transformative nature of the voice
  • Discuss the therapeutic application techniques in more depth
  • Put a voicescape together virtually

Coursework & Home Study for 12 – 14 weeks

  • Embark on a wonderful journey with your voice
  • Articles, quizzes, coursework exercises and training videos deepen your learning
  • Coursework is estimated to take between 2 – 3 hours a week
  • Practise different types of session and explore the therapeutic potential of the techniques

Virtual Classroom 2 – Tutorial

  • During this session we will check all is well with your coursework and answer any questions you may have
  • We will support you with your vocal techniques if needed
  • Have a valuable Q&A session with your tutors

In-class Intensive

  • Put together what you’ve learned with your peers
  • Get in-class support from the tutor team
  • Gain confidence and experience with your voice
  • Work on graphic scores, vocal improvisation and voicescapes in dynamic practical sessions

9.30am – 6.00pm

If you are taking the Higher Level Diploma in Group Sound and Voice-arts Therapy you will also attend the HVT class.

Case Studies & Research Project – 6 – 9 months

  • Take 6 – 9 months to complete your case studies
  • Gain valuable experience whilst being supported by BAST
  • 2 of your case study sessions will contribute to a research project which aims to further the field and provide work/business opportunities

Virtual Classroom 3 – Tutorial

  • Check in with your peers and tutors
  • Have a valuable Q & A session and discuss case studies in more depth
  • Discuss research and ongoing business/professional development


  • On successful completion of this course you will be awarded a Professional Diploma in Group Voice Arts Therapy
  • You can achieve a ‘pass’, ‘merit’ or ‘distinction’


Full Course Fee: £1029 TBC

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An Introduction to the Group Voice Arts Therapy Training course from Lyz

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