Group Voice Arts Therapy Training

Professional Diploma

Group Voice Arts Therapy Training (Professional Diploma)

Covid-19 Update: We will be delivering this course online by virtual classroom with the requirement of attendance for one weekend later in the year for qualification.

There is a growing understanding of the positive impact that arts- based therapeutic sessions can have on health and wellbeing. By supplementing medicine and care, the voice-arts can improve the health of people who experience mental or physical health challenges.

During this course we will celebrate the human voice as a transformational, creative and therapeutic art-form. We will explore many different ways to work creatively with the voice, movement, tone poems and create wonderful voice-art pieces.

This course is particularly beneficial for people working in (or wanting to work in) the following areas:

  • Education

  • The arts/drama

  • Mental health

  • Health Humanities

  • Complementary and mainstream healthcare

  • Personal development and self help

  • Spiritual health and development

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Sonic art/art installations

  • Community Arts or Health Projects

  • Work With

    Groups Only

  • Where?

    A blend of home study & 1 class-room based module held at University of Chichester Bognor Regis Campus, Upper Bognor Rd, Bognor Regis, PO21 1HR

  • When?

    11th June – 14th June 2020

  • Course Fees

    £985 Full Course Fee
    Instalment Plan Available

  • Qualification

    Dip.GVAT (BAST)

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Full Course Details In Depth

‘Fundamental’ – A module delivered through the online Learning Zone

  • The key concepts and research underpinning working with the voice as a therapeutic tool
  • Introducing the BAST Method of Voice Therapy
  • Anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism
  • Exploring the neuroscience and psychology of therapeutic voice-work and the growing body of research on the arts for health and wellbeing
  • Complete the online module at home in your own time before the module

The first class-room based intensive module at the University of Chichester, Bognor Regis campus will run 11th June – 14th June 2020

Day 1 – The Therapeutic Potential of the Voice

We will explore different exercises to develop the voice and uncover hidden vocal potential. We will also work with fun, creative and interactive vocal games, warm-ups and ice-breakers to enable groups to experience the therapeutic power of vocal connection and expression. Improvisation is an important part of life – we will look at what’s going on in the brain when we improvise and the therapeutic benefits of vocal improvisation.

Day 2 – ‘Songlines’ – Telling Stories Without Words

Tone Poems are a modern-day representation of the ancient practice of sharing language. We will discuss the therapeutic application of tone poems and also looking at singing our stories and bringing gentle movement and voice together as a creative and expressive therapeutic art-form.

Day 3 – Voicescapes and Voice Art

Voicescapes are a way of painting pictures with the voice and can be direct representations of an art piece or they can tell a deep and meaningful story. During this day we will be learning about the therapeutic application and benefits of voice-scaping including notation and how to translate two-dimensional art pieces into a four-dimensional voice-art pieces. We will explore different types of voicescape from abstract vocal pieces to dynamic and creative spectacular performances.successful and transformational groups.

Day 4 – Creative Voice-work Deepens

Our learning deepens as we explore the use of the graphic score as a creative process. We will discover the important role that the ‘shape’ of a composition plays in affecting mind, body and emotions and for different therapeutic outcomes.

Coursework and Home-study 

Develop your skills and immerse yourself in therapeutic voice-work through the online Learning Zone. Coursework is estimated to take between 2 – 3 hours a week.

Case Studies and Webinars

Put everything you have learned into practice during a case study period. You will receive lesson plans, support and webinars to help you through this rewarding part of your learning journey.

Community Project

This course requires you to take part in a community project. Together we will work on our chosen project coordinated and supported by Nicola Kelly, a BAST graduate Mentor with 20 years experience in Community Work specialising in the Arts for Health and Wellbeing.


Full Course Fee: £985

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