Group Voice Therapy Training
Distance Learning Option

Professional Diploma

Group Voice Therapy Training (Professional Diploma) – Distance Learning

Learn how to use a range of vocal techniques to improve health and wellbeing. This course enables you to run professional and potentially transformative voice therapy groups using breath, movement, visualisation and a range of vocal techniques.

A blended learning option with a face to face module is also available for this course if you prefer.

  • No previous experience needed

  • Easy to use online learning platform

  • Case study 'test' sessions

  • Video recordings & further study materials

  • Recorded learning sessions for case study period

  • Supported by on-going scientific research

  • Community Project

  • Work With

    Groups Only

  • Where?

    Study from home via virtual classroom

  • When?

    Course starts 9th February 2022

  • Course Fees

    £1,125 Earlybird Course Fee Ends 30th Nov 21
    £1,238 Full Course Fee
    Instalment Plan Available

  • Qualification

    Dip. GVT (BAST)

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Course Contents

  • The key concepts and research underpinning working with the voice as a therapeutic tool
  • The BAST Method of Voice Therapy
  • Anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism
  • Exploring the neuroscience and psychology of therapeutic voice-work
  • How the voice affects the immune system and the release of certain neurotransmitters and hormones
  • Breath-work, vocal warm-up and vocal development exercises help to develop and free your voice
  • Voice-bath relaxation sessions using vowel sounds, overtones and therapeutic percussion
  • The PramAna sequence – Similar to Tai Chi, this exercise is relaxing as well as balancing for mind, body and emotions
  • Vocal Processing Techniques – Specific techniques using the breath, movement, visualisation and voice to help improve health and wellbeing
  • The Narrative Voicescape process – an interactive session to help people to help reframe negative thoughts and behaviours in a new and more positive way. This is beneficial for working with grief, bereavement, trauma, fears, phobias as well as anything that holds a person back in life

Course Modules & Timeline
Distance Learning Option

Equipment Webinar – From December 2021

  • A therapeutic percussion kit is a wonderful addition to your work and all facilitators are required to have one
  • It comprises shakers, rainstick and chimes and is used to help people come back from being relaxed to more aware
  • Good quality professional standard instruments will be hand selected for you and sent to your home

Foundation Module – From December 2021

  • An online course to take at your leisure before the deadline.
  • The key concepts and research underpinning the BAST Method of Group Voice Therapy will be introduced
  • Quizzes and interactive exercises help you check your understanding and deepen your knowledge

Virtual Classroom 1 – 9th – 11th February 2022

  • Unpack the BAST Method in more depth in the comfort of your home
  • Experience voice-bath and vocal sessions to understand how different techniques affect mind, body and emotions in different ways
  • Discuss the application of the therapeutic percussion instruments

Coursework and Home Study

  • Embark on a wonderful investigation using a range of different vocal and breathwork exercises
  • Explore how, when and why to implement gentle bodywork active exercises
  • Coursework is estimated to take between 2 – 3 hours a week
  • Practise the different techniques – videos and tutorials aim to support you with this process
  • Experience the Vocal Processing Techniques (VPTs), effective exercises using voice, breath, movement, mindfulness and visualisation

Virtual Classroom 2 – Tutorial –  11th March 2022

  • During this session we will check all is well with your coursework and answer any questions you may have
  • We will support you with your techniques

Virtual Classroom 3 – 16th and 17th June 2022

  • Exploring the practical sessions in more depth including vocal warm-up techniques and ice-breaking games
  • Further training on the overtone/harmonic toning technique
  • Hypothetical case studies are discussed in smaller group sessions

Practical Sessions – July – October 2022

  • 1-2-1 sessions with your tutor during this period or you can submit videos if you prefer to go through practical techniques in more depth

Case Studies & Research Project

  • Take 6 – 9 months to complete your case studies
  • Gain valuable experience whilst being supported by BAST
  • 2 of your 9 case study sessions will contribute to a research project to further the field and provide work/business opportunities

Virtual Classroom 4 – Tutorial – 30th September 2022

  • Check in with your peers and tutors
  • Explore your case studies in more depth
  • Discuss research and ongoing business/professional development
  • Prepare for the practical assessment


  • On successful completion of this course you will be awarded a Diploma in Group Voice Therapy
  • You can achieve a ‘pass’, ‘merit’ or ‘distinction’


Earlybird Course Fee: £1,125 – you must enrol before 30th November 2021 to qualify for this discount

Full Course Fee: £1,238

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