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We love to work with people all over the world that are passionate about wanting to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of others. We teach methods that have been shown over 25 years to be effective and all of our methods are supported by research, making our courses among the most robust and highly respected in the therapeutic sound field today.

We are affiliated to the International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT) and the Therapeutic Sound Association (TSA), enabling you to work in a professional and supported way. Our sound and voice therapy courses would suit teachers; healthcare workers; artists, musicians and drama therapists; spiritual and holistic health therapists, group leaders and those completely new to the holistic/sound/voice therapy fields.
No experience is necessary.

  • Dynamic, transformative and interactive 5 day intensive modules maximise in-class practical learning
  • 4 months of lessons through our online ‘Learning Zone’ provides interactive coursework, articles, research, quizzes and other learning materials to take you through a deepening process with the instruments and techniques.
  • Access to research, projects and business opportunities
  • Ongoing webinar recordings and podcasts and videos support you through your case study process.
  • Optional business growth programme through our ‘business in a box’ licensing and business growth seminars.
  • Training for Trainers Programme for the right applicants, giving you the opportunity to join our team of trainers and further the BAST method across the world

Professional Diploma in Transformational Voice Therapy for Groups Dip.TVT(BAST)

Learn how to deliver a diverse range of groups from general vocal development to deeply transformational & therapeutic voice-work sessions

Pre-Intensive Online Module
1 month before the course starts you will be enrolled onto the Learning Zone where we will explore the key concepts underpinning working with voice therapy. We will cover anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism, breath-work and exercises to help you develop and free your voice and uncover your full vocal potential.

Day 1
How to give therapeutic voice bath relaxation sessions using toning, overtoning and therapeutic percussion to improve health and wellbeing.

Day 2
We will explore fun and creative interactive vocal games, warm-ups and ice-breakers. This day includes a beautiful and effective voice and movement meditation practice – a kind of ‘vocal Tai Chi’, which is both relaxing and balancing for the system.

Day 3
We will learn how to work at a deeper level with the voice, breath and movement with Vocal Processing Techniques. These techniques have been shown to help a wide range of different states of being including physical and emotional pain, depression, stress and anxiety. We will also discus show to run a wide range of different workshop/group sessions and how to take your work forward into the community.

Case Study Webinar Programme
The course continues with 4 x 1 hour bi-monthly webinar recordings and 1 live session with Lyz Cooper to support you with your work. There are is also ongoing information through the Learning Zone. This aims to support you through your case-study group sessions, as well as delivering templates and further information on how to run successful transformational voice sessions.

If you would like to join any of our other courses there are extra discounts, contact us for details or to apply for a place.

Professional Diploma in Group Sound Therapy Dip.GST(BAST)

This course enables you deliver a diverse range of therapeutic sound interventions, rhythm sessions and cutting edge sonic artistry!

Pre-Intensive Online Module 
1 month before the course starts you will be enrolled onto the Learning Zone where we will explore the key concepts underpinning working with sound therapy.

Day 1 – Soundbaths and Relaxation Sessions
Our method of sound therapy is based on 1) facilitating a deep state of relaxation which helps improve health and well being (achieved by using specific techniques and combinations of instruments), and 2) a reflective technique combining gentle self-questioning and inner listening.
During the first day we will explore the method in more depth, experience several therapeutic sound baths and discuss relevant research to support the method. We will learn how to play the instruments and practice specific techniques to encourage maximum relaxation.

Day 2 – Gong Baths and Soundbaths Continued
In the morning we will explore the gong, different types of gong and gong playing techniques. In the afternoon we will practice the sound bath and gong bath technique.

Day 3 – Drum and Rhythm Groups and ‘Rhythm of Life’ Sessions
This day is about everything drum! Enjoy drum circles and percussion groups. Express your story in a rhythm-scape offering an outlet for communication beyond words, explore the application of rhythm in a therapeutic context in our ‘Rhythm of Life’ sessions and learn a range of rhythm games to develop social skills, communication, expression, team building and group interaction.

Day 4 – Soundscapes, Interactive Sessions, Sonic Art
Explore how to use sound as a ‘healthy’ art-form. Soundscape sessions are interactive, dynamic and fun, encouraging communication, collaboration and artistic and emotional expression. Soundscapes and sonic art sessions offer much inspiration and many ways for anyone wanting to combine sound with other visual and written art-forms such as poetry, creative writing, photography, sculpture and so on. They can also be used as performance pieces in their own right.

Day 5 – Working with Unhelpful Narrative
How many of us go through life with unhelpful beliefs that hold us back? Narrative soundscapes offer a powerful way to question these beliefs and provide a vehicle for expression beyond words. Unhelpful belief can lose its power and a new potential way of being can be explored using sound plus a reflective technique. This method has produced life-changing results and takes sound-work to a new and exciting level.

Coursework and Case Studies
Following the intensive the course continues with informative coursework through the Learning Zone where you can explore your instruments and techniques at a deeper level. Following this you will begin your case study sessions, 4 x 1 hour bi-monthly webinar recordings and 1 live group session with Lyz Cooper aim to support you with your work. The Learning Zone also has templates and further information on how to run successful and transformational sound therapy groups.

Taking more than one course? A further discount applies! contact us for more details or to apply for a place

Level 2 – Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy PL.Dip.ST(BAST)

This course enables you to work at a deeper level with focused 1-2-1 sound therapy using ‘The Original BAST Method’ which uses Himalayan and Crystal singing bowls and a vocal technique known as toning and overtoning to improve health and well being. Following your chosen Level 1 course, you will then start level 2. By completing both courses side by side you will get an in-depth therapeutic sound experience and can qualify faster in a greater range of techniques. This is a great option for those planning on launching a diverse therapeutic sound business.

Day 1
The process deepens with demonstrations on how the 1-2-1 sound therapy treatment is conducted in depth. We will also look more deeply at ‘The 5Rs Method of Experiential Processing’ – the method of reflection and enquiry we use along with the sound/voice therapy. The Passive Voice Therapy Technique of toning and overtone singing is introduced.

Day 2
Himalayan bowl body massage.  A wonderful on the body technique to ease tension and for deep relaxation. We will also work with specific off body Himalayan bowl techniques. By the end of the day we will be able to give 1-2-1 Himalayan bowl treatments.

Day 3
The Passive Voice Therapy technique will be re-visited and we will go through a series of vocal exercises to introduce and develop overtones (audible harmonics). By the end of the day we will be able to give Passive Voice Therapy treatments as well as know how to use the voice therapeutically.

Day 4
Crystal bowl therapy is the subject of the day as we learn to give 1-2-1 sessions with these beautiful instruments. We will explore the therapeutic application of musical intervals and discuss case studies.

Day 5
Today we put everything we have learned together as we explore musicality within the treatment and how to create a bespoke treatment for your clients needs. We will explore different case studies and treatment scenarios as well as how to deliver appropriate exercises to our clients to support them between sessions.

Coursework and Webinar Programme
Following the intensive module we will complete 4 months of coursework (estimated at 3 hours work per week). During this time you will be exploring your instruments and the therapeutic process in depth. Our experience is that this part of the course can be personally therapeutic as well as highly informative. After your coursework you can start your case study sessions which can run alongside your Level 1 case studies very easily. There will be 4 bi-monthly webinar recordings and one live session with Lyz Cooper to support you through your case study process.

Taking more than one course? A further discount applies! – contact us for more details or to apply for a place

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