Sound Therapy Training

Practitioner Level Diploma

Sound Therapy Training (Practitioner Level Diploma)

Working at practitioner level means that you are able to help your client to discover how their current life/health situation impacts their wellbeing in a deeper and focused way. On this course you will learn how to choose the best instruments and techniques to support your client and how to apply those techniques to suit a client’s individual needs. As well as having specific techniques, there is room for professional judgment and creativity – it is rare that any two treatments are exactly the same.

The 5 day modules enable a deep level of learning and valuable hands- on practical work which is unpacked following the module during the online and case study parts of the course.

The core curriculum comprises the ‘Fundamental’ online training pod, two non-residential 5 day modules, administration, webinars and ongoing support from your tutor and the BAST office. All you have to do is to add 3 or 4 instruments to the core curriculum to create a course to suit your needs. Your individual training pathway will be created online where you will find quizzes, videos, PDF’s and audio files on the instruments of your choice. At the second 5 day module you will work with your chosen tools in a supportive environment packed full of practical work!

This course primarily teaches you how to provide 1:1 treatments however you can also apply many of these methods in a group environment.

What is an Instrument Pod?
Once you have chosen the 3 or 4 instruments you would like to study in more depth (you can decide following module 1 if you are not sure) we will create your bespoke learning pathway by adding your instrument ‘Pods’. A pod contains quizzes, audio and video files, PDF’s, coursework and more to enable you to immerse yourself in the instrument of your choice and learn the techniques. At the second 5 day module you will put the techniques you have learned into practice with support and guidance from the tutor team.

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    University of Chichester Bognor Regis Campus, Upper Bognor Rd, Bognor Regis, PO21 1HR

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    Module 1: 27th March 2019 – 31st March 2019
    Module 2: 26th – 30th June 2019

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    Full Course Fee: £1320 + £255 per instrument pod
    Earlybird Discount Price: £1144 + £229 per instrument pod
    Earlybird Ends 30th November 2018

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    PL.Dip.ST (BAST)

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    Techniques can also be applied to groups

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Full Course Details In Depth

Intensive 1 – 27th – 31st March 2019

Day 1 – Sonic Immersion and Exploration

Bringing the threads through from the ‘Fundamental’ module and our research on sound induced Altered States of Consciousness (ASC). This experiential and fun day is full of sound-bath sessions, exploring how each instrument affects mind, body and emotions in different ways. The therapeutic application of each instrument is also discussed.

Day 2 – ‘The Metals’ – Himalayan Bowls and Gongs

We will experience different playing techniques of the Himalayan singing bowls and gongs. If Himalayan singing bowls is one of your module choices you will be able to choose from a wonderful selection of bowls if you wish.

Day 3 – Rhythm and Voice

Today we will look at how and why the drum is such an effective therapeutic instrument and feel how different rhythms affect you in different ways. We will also explore the power of the human voice with toning and overtone singing.

Day 4 – Crystal Sound

We will explore the crystal bowls and will learn that sonically there is nothing quite like them in the sound therapy world! We will explore different playing techniques in the BAST Method and discuss the psychology of musical intervals, discovering how the crystal bowls are the perfect instruments to feel the effect that intervals create.

Day 5 – Sonic Experience Sessions

Today we put into practice what we have learned by putting together different types of practical therapeutic sound sessions based on the instruments we will be qualifying in. We will also discuss the next steps on the course.

Intensive 2 – 26th – 30th June 2019

This 5 day intensive is full of in-depth practical exploration – practise and develop your techniques through 1-2-1 sessions with your peers. Learn a range of different exercises to support your clients between sessions and the reflective element of the treatment deepens. Discuss how to find case studies and how to mix the different methods together to create individual treatments.


Earlybird Fee: £1144 + £299 per instrument pod (choose 3 or 4)

Full Course Fee: £1320 + £255 per instrument pod (choose 3 or 4)

To Qualify For The Earlybird Price, Enrol Before 30th November 2018. After this, full fees apply.

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