girls listening to music and dancing

When You’re Feeling Down, Get Down! Sound & Music to Boost Your Mood

“…music occupies more areas of our brain than language does – humans are a musical species” Oliver Sacks  Sound is such a powerful vehicle for eliciting and communicating human emotion. In this post I will talk about how, as a sound therapist and therapeutic music composer, I use sound and music to boost your mood, enhance mood state and help improve …

28th February – 1st March – Module 2 – Rhythm Group Facilitation

Module 2 – Rhythm Group Facilitation – Express your story in a rhythmscape offering an outlet for communication beyond words, explore the application of rhythm in a therapeutic context and the use of rhythm games to develop social skills, communication, expression, team building, conflict resolution and group interaction.

28th & 29th march – Module 3 – Soundscapes & Sonic Art

Module 3 – Soundscapes, Interactive Sessions, Sonic Art – Explore how to use sound as a dynamic ‘healthy art’ form. Soundscape sessions are interactive, dynamic and fun, encouraging communication, collaboration and artistic and emotional expression. This module is a perfect way to combine sound with other visual and written art-forms such as poetry, creative writing, photography, sculpture and so on.

18th & 19th April – Module 4 – Narrative Soundscapes

Module 4 – Working with Unhelpful Narrative – How many of us go through life with unhelpful beliefs that hold us back? This module offers a powerful way to question these beliefs and offers an outlet for expression beyond words. As a result the unhelpful story can lose its power and a new potential way of being can be explored using …